How to contact Medialab®

12 Mar 2020, 07:23


You can communicate with 9424 10 20 30 on WhatsApp.


Mails can be sent to . You will get a support ticket number in a few minutes and our team will look into the matter.

Support Portal

You can register and submit a support request at


This is the least preferred mode. If you still need to talk to us, you can call 9424 10 20 30 during Working Hours of Medialab®


Short messages can be sent to 9424 10 20 30

Live Chat

If you are using a x6 or higher version of CMS by Medialab®, you can login in the admin panel and use the "Live Chat" option. If you have trouble logging in, then please use any of the modes detailed above to get in touch with us.

In case you are not an x6 user, please visit and use the live chat option from the website.



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