FAQ Overview

General Information

How to contact Medialab®


You can communicate with 9424 10 20 30 on WhatsApp.


Mails can be sent to sg@medialab.in . Our team will look into the matter on same day and will resolve the issue asap. If the issue needs time, we will assign you a tentative date for task completion.


This is the least preferred mode. If you still need to talk to us, you can call 9424 10 20 30 during Working Hours of Medialab®


Short messages can be sent to 9424 10 20 30

Live Chat

If you are using a x6 or higher version of CMS by Medialab®, you can login in the admin panel and use the "Live Chat" option. If you have trouble logging in, then please use any of the modes detailed above to get in touch with us.

In case you are not an x6 user, please visit http://medialab.in and use the live chat option from the website.



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Working Hours of Medialab®

Working Hours

Our office opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM

Working Days

We are open Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays and on days listed below.

Non Working Days

We remain closed on Hindu Festivals like Makar Sankranti, Holi, Rakshabandhan, Deepawali, Dussehara. Apart from this, we remain closed on 1st Jan, 15th Aug and 26th Jan.

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CBSE Norms for Website

The website of a CBSE School MUST contain the following information

  • Affiliation Status
  • Infrastructural Details
  • Staff Details
  • Enrollment Status (Class / Section wise)
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email ID
  • Details of Management Committee
  • Transfer Certificates alongwith scanned images of TC.

All the information listed above must be up-to-date as on 15th Sep of a year.

Transfer Certificates should be uploaded at the earliest after being issued.

Any change in the contact information should be updated as soon as possible.

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KVCMS / UniCMS [ Version x6 ] » Startup Guide

Login and Primary Configuration

Login at http://unicms.in or http://kvsindia.in (As mentioned in your welcome letter)

Go to More Info in Dashboard and Fill out the details.

Create Free Pages as per your requirement.

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Q. What is FreeBox ?

A. FreeBox is a module that allows you to upload various types of files so that you can embed them in various other pages.

Q. What type of files are allowed in FreeBox ?

A. FreeBox allows many file types. We are adding more extensions on user feedback. If you have a suggestion, please comment below and we will add the extension. Please note that "Server Side Scripts" will not be allowed. As on 25th June 2017, the allowed extensions are listed below.

  • Images
    • jpg
    • jpeg
    • png
    • gif
    • bmp
  • Documents
    • xls
    • xlsx
    • doc
    • docx
    • pdf
    • txt
  • Compressed Files
    • zip
    • rar

Q. How to add files in FreeBox ?

A. Open DashBoard > FreeBox

Choose the file and "Upload". You can then see the URL to be used for linking to the file under "Inclusion Path".

The path displayed under "Inclusion Path" can be used within your website only. If you want to put a link to your freebox file in some other website (like facebook,etc), then please add http://your_domain_name/ before the Inclusion Path.

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KVCMS / UniCMS [ Version x6 ] » About & Features

About KVCMS / UniCMS [version x6]

The Concept

x6 works on a centralised system.

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Website not working

URL automatically changes to Domain_Name/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

On typing the domain name in the address bar, it changes to domain name /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

*This solution works with Google Chrome

This happens when a new hosting is setup on a server. The issue is temporary and goes away in a few hours. However, if you want to fix it immediately, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + i
  3. Click on Network
  4. Check Disable cache
  5. Type the domain name in the address bar and press enter. The issue will be fixed.

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The account has been suspended

Why is my website is showing "Account Suspended" message ?

Accounts are generally suspended due to one of the following reasons

  • Malicious file(s) are detected in your website by the defence mechanism.
  • You have an overdue outstanding towards the hosting.
  • You have moved out your services to some other server and requested a suspension in old server.
  • Some other policy has been violated by the contents in your website.
  • There is some temporary technical issue with the server.

What should I do ?

You should check your mail for information regarding the reason of suspension. In most of the scenarios. the hosting owner is intimated about such suspensions alongwith steps to be taken. In case you have not received a mail, please Contact Medialab®

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SMS Portal 2018

Logging into SMS Panel

How to open the SMS Panel ?

Please open http://msg.medialab.in in your web browser. You can also open the panel in your smartphone browser.

Login with your username and password. You can use the password reminder option in case you have forgotten the password. You must have you mobile number / email ID updated in the records to retrieve the password.

You will get an Account Expired message if your validity has expired. Please Contact Medialab to get a provisional or permanent extension.

If everything is fine, you wil be logged into the SMS Panel. You can proceed to sending messages.

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Sending SMS

How to send SMS ?

For sending SMS, first login to your panel.

In your panel, select the route from which you want to send the SMS. In most cases, TransDND route is used.

Enter a Sender ID. The Sender ID must have been approved for use with the selected route. Contact Medialab for more details on Sender ID

Enter 10 digit mobile numbers. You can enter multiple numbers separated by comma or write separate numbers in separate lines. Using +91 is not required.

Enter the message content in the description box and click Send Now. Your message will be sent to mobile numbers provided. You can check the delivery report after a while.

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KVS National Sports Portal 2019

KVS Sports Portal - 2019 - Quick Tips

For Rolling Back a Regional Result and Add New Students
1. Regional Host should Uncheck ALL Student from the National List.
2. Region should go to Results and Rollback the particular result.
3. Regional Host should prepare fresh results and national list.


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Creating Animated GIF

Creating Animated GIF without downloading / installing any application.

This is the easiest method of creating a GIF from a series of images. You need to be online during the process.

  1. Collect all images to be used in the animation in a folder. Finalise the sequence and rename images or note down the sequence to ensure proper flow.
  2. Open any of the following sites. We do not endorse any of these. You can use other sites by searching.
  3. Upload all images 
  4. Configure variables as desired.
  5. Download the animated GIF and use it as you want.

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KVCMS / UniCMS [ Version x6 ] » Modules

FreePage / UniPage

Q. What is FreePage or UniPage ?

FreePage is a content management module developed by that powers almost 60% of KVCMS / UniCMS Version x6.

Q. How to create a FreePage ?

Go to FreePage from Dashboard. You can find it under the group "MENU & HOME PAGE MANAGEMENT"

Click on Add

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Free Widget

What is Free Widget ?

Free Widget can be used to add various items in the home page.

What are the type of contents supported by Free Widget ?

Free widget can be used to display any or a combination of following contents.

  • Plain Text
  • HTML Formatted Text
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images
  • Javascripts
  • IFrames
  • You Tube Videos
  • Other third party (embed) codes
  • Dynamic Google Map

Many other items can be entered. Server side languages like php, asp, aspx, etc cannot be entered as they will be converetd to HTML. Feel free to try other things and let us know in the comment section below so that we can update the list.

How to use Free Widget ?

  1. Click on Free Widgets in Dashboard.

  2. Click on Add

  3. Select a type and proceed accordingly.

  4. Your widget is ready and will appear in the list. Now you need to proceed to Home Widgets to PUBLISH the newsly created widget.

How to add a youtube video in Free Widget ?

Please click here for the process of adding youtube videos.

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KVCMS / UniCMS [ Version x6 ] » Tools & Tips

Drag to Sort

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Image Cropper

This tool will be added in KVCMS / UniCMS x6 soon.

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Assisted Translation

Contents will be added soon...

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Home page and Header data vanished after updating More Info.

Name of institution and address details disappeared after updating More Info.

This issue occurs when certain characters are entered in the HINDI field. This is limitation of Google Hindi API and JSON compatibility.


Please look for the unwanted character in your More Info page and edit the hindi text to remove that character. The system will automatically rebuild the pages with new data and the issue will be fixed instantly.

Please refer the example below to have an idea of the unwanted character.

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MIST » Programmer Tips » Rare Updates

Update Signature in Receipts

1. Save the image as some_name.png. The width should be around 150px.

2. Upload the image in /images/

3. Edit the image name in receipt-master.php

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SMS Portal 2019

Logging in

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General Tips & Tools » FTP Services

Connecting to FTP Service on S Series Servers

We recommend using CoreFTP which can be downloaded for free from http://www.coreftp.com/download.html

Use the following settings. Take Special care to UNCHECK PASV

Click connect and you will be connected to the root directory of your website.

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General Tips & Tools » Bilingual Data Entry

Using the Bilingual Data Entry Feature in UniCMS

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General Tips & Tools » Mail Services

Syndicated Mail - Adding / Managing Mailboxes

1. Login to the panel using the URL and credentials provided by Medialab

2. Go to Mail > Mailboxes

3. Create Mailbox

4. Go to Mail > Forwards either from Menu or Dashboard

5. Create a forwarded to the gMail Account


1. In gMail, go to settings

Change setting as below and click the blue link


Once Verified, Make the @bsspongefactory.com account as the default account


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KVS Results Portal 2021 » Class Teacher Panel

View Marks Entry

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KVS Results Portal 2021 » Subject Teacher Panel

Adding Marks

From Employee Dashboard, click "Marks Entry"

All Classes and Subjects assigned to you will be listed. For each subject, you will get the option to enter marks for each exam

Click on Exam for which you want to enter the marks.

You will get the form. The system will take you to view page if marks for that exam have already been entered.

Fill marks for each student and submit. Any anomaly will be detected by the system and you will be prompted to correct the error

You can view the entry that you have made.

The system has also updated the weightage which is visible in the marksheet.

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KVS Results Portal 2021 » KV Panel

Adding Students

Download Students UBI File for your school from the UBI Portal. The downloaded file will be in xls format.

Open it in MS Excel and save it as xlsx

No need to make any modification in the content. No need to delete header, etc. The system will take care of everything.

Click on Upload Students Data

Choose the xlsx file and upload