Feature of checker panel

Vibhore Ojha
17 Mar 2023, 18:17

The duty of a checker is to check the marks entered and lock them from further editing by the subject teachers.

Once the checker logs into the panel, then they are displayed the list of classes assigned to them. There they can see respective  and 


Entry status and markslip-

After clicking the button, the checker will see a list of subjects and exams name for that respective class. The checker will see  button and click it.

After clicking the button the checker will verify the marks and press (mark as verified and lock). If they find some error , then they will press (report an error).

After  is pressed, then the message  is popped up and after pressing OK  the status of that subject and exam changes to  


If  is pressed, then 


is popped up and  the checker will write a description about the error and send it to the concerned teacher and the communication history will be shown to the checker.


The checker can directly call the teacher by pressing the  sign.


Note- Once the checker has verified and locked the marks even the checker can't unlock it that authority lies only with the KV panel.


Note- All the communications sent by the checker will be shown to teacher in the check notes panel after their login.

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