Class Teacher panel features for Class(1-8)

Vibhore Ojha
17 Mar 2023, 18:32

Enrollment Count-

After getting the role assigned as class teacher, the teacher can see the enrollment count.

 by clicking this link.

The class teacher can see the enrollment report class wise and category wise for the classes assigned.

Student List-

The student list shows all the students in your class. It contains all the personal details of the students.

 The pencil button can be used to edit the details of any student and update it.

The status button can be turned on/off. Once this button is turned off the particular student will not be seen in any record except for the class teacher. Suppose a student has taken TC and has left the school, the class teacher can turn off the status of that particular student so that it's record is not shown anywhere like marks entry, report card etc. This can be considered as deleting the student but it will be always available in class teacher's record.

 The class teacher also has the right to stop the online publication of result for a particular student. once the button is turned off the result will be prepared it will be shown in report card but it won't be visible to parents in their portal.

Roll Number-

The roll number can be updated by the class teachers. The default roll number will be 0 for all the students, after that the Class teacher needs to update the roll number accordingly.

After entering the new roll numbers press 


The class teacher needs to update the attendance for the students.

The attendance is visible in the marksheet. After entering the attendance click update attendance.

Incase of online classes click 


The teacher can update remarks for students which will be visible in the student/parent portal.

For giving remarks, the class teacher can either select whole class at once by clicking on the topmost box or can give remarks one by one by selecting the students.

The remarks can be either given from the set of predefined ones or can be given in a customised form by typing into the comment box.

After giving the remarks click on update remarks. The remarks given will also be visible in front of the students name in the class teacher panel.

Overall percentage-

The overall % obtained by the students can be seen by the class teachers based on the marks entry.

 Marks entry-

The class teacher can also see the marks entry for their respective classes. The marks entry is displayed alongwith the subject name, exam name, maximum marks, entry date and time and entered by/ locked(status which is obtained when the checker locks the marks).

 Report card-

The report card can be seen by the class teacher based on the marks entry by subject teacher of their class.


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