Grace Marks Management

Vibhore Ojha
25 Mar 2023, 10:22

The grace marks can be added into the report card. This can be done from the admin panel.


You can start the search by typing just the 3 letters of the name or UBI Id, then by selecting the class.

The list of students with matching name or id will be displayed.

Then click on manage to add grace marks for the desired student.

The above box will appear, the subject which student has chosen will only be displayed in the dropdown menu of the select subject tab.

Then select the desired Grace marks for the student and write the remarks if any.

Now click on the Acknowledgement and proceed with update grace marks.

The system will prompt the message

By clicking on view all entries you can see the history of the grace marks provided.

 Sample Report card with grace marks-

The score of 30 has been converted to 33 by adding Grace of 3 marks.

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