Update Signee in Report Card

18 Mar 2023, 21:22

Signee- A person who is authorized for signing the reportcards of the students.

To update the signee record in Report card the admin needs to goto the Profile section and from there needs to select the  School profile.

 After that the admin needs to click the modify button.

 Now the Admin can modify the desired names and designations which are to be reflected in report card.

For eg- Examination incharge as designation and name of the person can be updated similarly Headmaster's Name and designation can be updated.

The information appears in the footer of report card if the option to Display Custom Names is Selected

In case you want to display the checker's name instead of custom text, please use the first option

 In this case, the system will fetch checker for the class for which report card is being displayed and use that instead of custom text

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