Smart Search with Sticky Feature

07 Jul 2023, 06:21

Smart Search

Smart Search shortens the rows displayed on the basis of the text entered in the search box. The shortning happens in realtime and the result is displayed as soon as any character is enetered. It searches only across the columns specified in the searchbox hint by the developer.

So if we search for all rows containing MIR, the system will display rows contaning MIR in Region, KV Name, KV ID.

Sticky Search

Sticky Search comes in handy when you want to shortlist rows on matching multiple cells.

If sticky is turned on, and you type a word, the list will be shortened. When you clear the test by pressing backspace, the list will not be reset and will be stuck at the shortlisted set. Now if you type in the other search word, the list will get shortened further.

So If we want to search for KV contaning MIR in name and located in Jammu Region, we will first turn on sticky and then search for jammu and then mir or first for mir and then jammu.

First searched for MIR and then Searching for jammu with sticky on


First search for jammu

Turn on Sticky

Delete the word jammu and search further for mir


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