Printing of Report Cards

Vibhore Ojha
20 Mar 2024, 06:51

The printing of report cards can be done from the admin panel.

The admin needs to goto  

After clicking the report cards will be visible for all students in the class

Now the admin needs to press (ctrl+P) . This command will open the printing options

The admin can take print directly or can save the pdf for later use.

Tips- For Ideal printing Please select the paper size as "A4" and Layout as "Landscape"

Select the margins as custom and deselct the Header and Footer  and Background graphics Option.

Turn off (Uncheck) Headers and Footers.

Turn ON (Check) Background Graphics if you want the watermark in the background. Turn off Background Graphics if you do not  want the watermark in the background.

Set Margins as "Custom"

Set margins as required. Recommended value is 0.2" on all 4 sides. But you can choose it as per your choice.(Drag and adjust margins to get a perfect fit)

If you still do not get the Report in one page, Change scale to custom and choose a value around 95-99.

 You can also watch the video.

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