To port the Employees from previous session

Vibhore Ojha
12 Apr 2023, 19:14

The KV needs to login into the portal using the new KV Id. You can find the new KV codes in the login panel itself.

After the login move to the Employee management section and select import from 2022-23. Now there you will get a list of all the Permanent Employees in the KV. Now start by selecting the checkbox one by one in order to import them. Contractual Employee list will not be shown in this. For contractual Employees the kv will need to add them again from Add Employee panel in case they continue to serve.

Once the employees are selected press the import button at the bottom of the list, this will import the employees and the system will prompt the message.

Incase if any employee is already added into the new session the system will automatically prompt the message Already present in the current session.

Note- The employees will be migrated from the previous session to the new session with their old passwords as well. So the employee simply needs to LOGIN as they did earlier. Incase of a new KV joining for the current session they will need to update the employee details manually.

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