SMS Service User Manual

07 Jul 2024, 07:57

Who can send messages ?

SMS messages can be used by KV Admins and Class Teachers to mobile numbers of the parents registered in the portal

What content is allowed in SMS ?

SMS Content will be template based. Class Teachers / KV Admins can fill data in the variable part to send a message.
Click here to view all Templates and Examples

What will be the Sender Name ?

Messages will be sent from UNISMS. Name of the KV Sending the message will be displayed at the bottom of the message . This concept has many advantages for the KVs and Technical Team. A detailed article on this can be viewed in the KV Admin Panel.

What will the name of KV sending the SMS ?

KV Admin has to set a name within 20 characters (including spaces) which will be included at the bottom of each SMS. The name can be changed any number of times.

PMShri KV No.2 RPR
KV Cherapunji
PMShri KV Adilabad

What will the price ?

Pricing depends on the SMS Balance Top Up Package selected by the KV Admin from the SMS Management section in the MIS Portal. There are various packages ranging from 500 SMS to 1 Lakh SMS and the price varies according to quantity. Detailed pricing is given in the SMS Management section in the MIS Portal

How to recharge ?

KV Admin needs to select a package and place an order. A challan will be generated which shall be used to make payment. Payment can also be done by UPI. Once the payment has been made, the KV Admin shall update the payment details in the portal. 10% of the quantity ordered will be update in the SMS balance immediately and the remaining 90% will be credited in a few hours after the payment has been verified by the SMS Monitoring Team.

How to authorise staff to send SMS ?

Since most of the SMS are auto composed, the admin has to turn on the Automated SMS sending for each class along with the Auto messages to be sent. Further, each staff member can be given additional authority to send Template based messages along with the classes he is authorised to address. A detailed article on this Authorisation Management will be published separately in this Knowledge based portal.

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