Features proposed and planned for Session 2024-25

30 Mar 2024, 06:24

Features that have been completed

  1. None

Features that have been finalised to be included and are under development or testing

  1. None

Features that are under discussion / planning

  1. Remove Role Selection in Login Page. The system will auto identify the user role from the login ID. This will lead to a faster user experience.

Features Listed for discussion

  1. KV can set the date and time of online publication of result. Thus parents will be able to see a clear message stating if and when the result will be available online. This will also free KV from the pressure of turning on the result manually in exact time.
  2. Bulk Unlock. KVs will be able to select multiple rows of Locked Marks Entry and Unlock them together.
  3. Smarter search in pages with too many rows to have a faster sorting and short listing of rows.
  4. QR Codes in report cards that can be scanned to verify the contents of the document. Plans are to have it work both offline for first level verification and online for advanced verification
  5. Unlocking of Nodal Entries. RO can unlock an entry that has been finalised by the Nodal Center. Currently this is done manually by Medialab® on receipt of mail from concerned RO/Nodal KV.
  6. Annual Planner
  7. Photo of Students in Report Card
  8. Signature printing. KVs can upload signatures of Principals, Vice Principals, Head Masters and Exam Incharges. They can choose to have the uploaded signatures printed in the report cards. Checkers and Class Teachers will have to put the signature in Pen only.
  9. Student Portfolio
  10. Committees
  11. Result Analysis for Classes X and XII from CBSE Raw Result File

Features deferred to session 2025-26

  1. None

Features that could not be included due to technical reasons

  1. None
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